Brand Identity Creative Design by Anne Ink

Brand identity creative design is the cornerstone of marketing and positioning success. Anne Ink creates identity by merging perception with reality through creative design. Private personas are examined to reveal where the public perception matches in identity. We then craft the bridge that unifies the messaging into a cohesive vision for the brand. By identifying strengths, research into competition and emerging trends, Anne Ink develops the strategy that connects customers to your messaging.

Identity is how we wish to be perceived by others. This is not the same as how others see us. Merging the two is how Anne Ink creates a union of perception with reality. Cohesiveness in messaging directs the creative and design elements.

Public perception of corporate strengths and favorite elements of any given product compel the potential customer to action. Action is the means to create, the way to discover the solution. Let Anne Ink show you how your identity can direct the brand creative to yield amazing results.