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Germack Pistachio Specialty Packaging

Anne Ink contracted Vito J. Valdez, a prominent Detroit artist, to paint the art for the vintage gift tin that references the heritage of Detroit's Eastern Market and the start of Germack in 1924. The holiday variety pack gift box shows the latest rendition of Germack's signature bags in stand-up pouches, both of which won awards for design. Anne Ink provided guidance for each version of improved packaging and designed the artwork for each version of the "paper" bags from 1994 to present day.


Anne Ink was instrumental in creating the product organization for the black cello bags which color-coded the product line by category. Designed for cost effectiveness, the design utilized customizable stickers for over 200 products. The grab-n-go jars feature eye-catching visuals to create instant recognition for Germack products. Our designs are featured on products that won the QVC Best Snack Mix award from 2017 to 2023.


Anne Ink provided design, branding, and market positioning for the holiday gift packaging, black pillow style cello bag lines, as well as holiday and seasonal themed jars of snack mixes. Anne Ink has provided packaging development advice on machinery, design, and structure for brand refreshments of the signature bag line and other project for Germack for over 20 years.