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Shure Star Corporate Rebranding and Targeted Messaging

Shure Star corporate rebranding engages targeted messaging that effectively communicates with a worldwide audience. The strategy is to best feature strengths of customization. The focus of the campaign is the tag line "Where Custom is Standard." Effectively communicating strengths to your core audience is crucial, especially when that target market is global. The continued success of Shure Star is a pure example of the impact of crafting the correct voice for corporate messaging.

The website refresh strategy utilizes this targeted approach which is expressed in sleek, organized information delivery. Organizing the product line by both form and function increases the visibility of capabilities. Ease of navigation allows the user to quickly find the information required from the expansive library of projects.

Anne Ink creative design features eye-catching visuals for the corporate identity pieces which include letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. The product line brochure showcases the high quality design capabilities Shure Star is known for. Together with the impressive website, the corporate communications print materials build upon Sure Star's reputation in industrial door custom solutions. The process included a conceptual design approach to organization and promotion of strengths to create sustainable corporate advantage in the market.

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Image is so important. Shure Star corporate rebranding focuses on the strengths of capabilities by delivering quality information to a global audience. Increasing the ease in which to find information and polishing appearance increases positive interaction and customer satisfaction. In order to build upon a worldwide industry reputation for quality, strengths of capability and ddifferentation must be the focus. Presentation with precise organization of data, including the proper interpretation of design capabilities, makes the end result stronger - like a Shure Star blast door!