Cranbrook schools dining hall chairs front cover art
Cranbrook Schools logo

Branding Cranbrook Schools Direct Mail - Alumni Giving Campaign

Branding Cranbrook Schools direct mail encompasses more than traditional personalization. Anne Ink Advertising created branding for Cranbrook Schools alumni giving strategic marketing campaign. Using iconic photography of the entire historic campus from Cranbrook archives, we approached the campaign from a highly personalized viewpoint.

Each recipient received data specific to not only their own giving history, but that of their class. Plus, data includes graduated giving suggestions as a percent of their last gift. Each school had photographic choice that correspond to that school as well. Specifically branding Cranbrook annual fund for Kingswood girls' school and Cranbrook for boys.

Data merge in its infancy was all about adding a salutation and a name to a letter. We went further by creating an ultra-personalized brochure that had an individual digitally-printed cover that detailed personal giving history, class statics, and incremental giving suggestions by percent and dollar amount based upon the most recent gift.

Cranbrook Schools direct mail cover

Layouts from the Personalized Giving Brochure


Anne Ink utilized over 40 different merged data fields for a truly personalized brochure, highly specific to each Cranbrook alumnus down to the cover artwork. The impact created an artful mastery of data that brought a new level of expectation to the intended audience and Cranbrook Schools.