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Marketing promotions - English Gardens projects takes content marketing and brand recognition campaigns to new heights. Anne Ink innovative design creates a cohesive branding strategy for print advertising, marketing campaigns, and event marketing promotions.

Anne Ink creative drives marketing promotions which impact the success of the brand refresh. Creative approaches to design and photography are part of every marketing campaign.

English Gardens focus is on providing quality selection and expert advice on landscaping and gardening. Projects include television and print ads, flyers, mailers, brochures, banners, signage, invitations, and marketing promotions.

Fundraising and building awareness art part of the strategy for English Gardens. The Forgotton Harvest "Art in the Garden" event is a perfect example of event graphics that shine. By speaking directly to the target audience, the event promotion materials reinforce the messaging.

The whimsical artwork created and designed for the event fundraiser combines creativity and purpose. Anne Ink provided the photography, copy writing, design and marketing materials to drive interest and engage customers to participate. The flute playing water feature statue was photgraphed from withing English Gardens display area.

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Favorites from the Hot Sheet Campaign


Anne Ink created a first for English Gardens with a marketing campaign that included oversize print ads in local Sunday papers that garnered attention and sales for the English Gardens store locations. For the Marketing program, English Gardens focus on building store foot traffic, increase per purchase average sale volume which also increase interest and attendance for the summer planting seminar series. Our specialty is to thrive under pressure, and this summer-long promotion was dubbed the "Hot Sheet" campaign for a very good reason, which shows our level of dedication.