Germack Coffee brand packaging header art coffee cup and unroasted coffee beans

Germack Coffee Brand Packaging - Roasting in Detroit

Anne Ink design for Germack Coffee brand packaging utilizes our expertise in positioning, strategic marketing and digital communications. Since its founding in 1924, Germack Pistachio has a connection to Detroit's Eastern Market. In keeping innovation and to expand product line offerings, Germack began roasting coffee at its Eastern Market storefront.

Germack created a natural extension of its nut roasting identity by developing a line of whole bean coffee. Dedicated to its roots in Detroit, the coffees are named for landmarks and well-known Michigan areas and themes. The brand positioning used iconography and clean, bold graphics resulting in award-winning design. Strategic marketing led the design for the Germack Coffee brand packaging. Roast varieties are easily identified with logos which feature bold, uncluttered iconography.

Germack Coffee brand packaging entire line of flavored blends


The product line extension to coffee was a turning point for the company in their efforts to reach new audiences and gain a foothold in the boutique coffee industry. We developed their first full-print coffee bag to differentiate Germack from the multitude of niche coffee roasters. Germack Coffee brand packaging started with new product idea and developed to encompass the heritage and tradition of both Germack and Detroit distinctions and landmarks.

The Germack Coffee products now offered include single origin and distinctly flavored specialty roasted blends, plus coffee pods for single serve coffee makers. Each brand packaging project pays homage to Germack's roots in Detroit, shown in the vintage grocer's delivery truck featured in the printed sale flyers and product promotions.