Cranbrook Schools archer sculpture photo by Anne Ink
Cranbrook annual fund logo

Branding Cranbrook Schools Annual Fund

Branding the Cranbrook annual fund created a lasting impact for the institution and an opportunity to elevate the brand. Anne Ink Advertising created branding for the strategic marketing campaign by concentrating on the visual impact and connection between constituents and the brand. By focusing on the subject matter for the "why" to the ask, the response rate increases.

Anne Ink was instrumental in branding the Cranbrook Schools Annual Fund. The logo is a testament to clean design with a symbolic arch that is a natural extension of the brand. The logo visually connects the three schools with the Cranbrook Schools mission.

Cranbrook annual fund flyers for each school: Brookside, Kingswood, Cranbrok and all schools photography by Anne Ink


The marketing campaign combines action photography with genuine spontaneous responses as part of the strategic marketing campaign. Lending a personal touch and creating an endearing connection between recipient and the students added to the impact.

Strategic positioning efforts promoted the new ability to designate the area of fund support in a visionary, inspiring way that increased constituent engagement. Creative vision  directed all the design, from the logo, which is still in use today, to on-site photography, copy, and layout. Anne Ink directed the creation of flyers, posters, mailers, and brochures for the campaign and promotion of the Annual Fund.