Branding and Packaging for Germack Pistachio Nature's Best closeup

Branding and Packaging for Germack Pistachio

Anne Ink branding and packaging for Germack Pistachio Company utilizes positioning, strategic marketing and digital communications. For projects such as the Castachio Nuts and Medley Line, it all begins with inspiration.It started with Castachio Nuts which ultimately grew to four flavors in multi and single-serve resealable pouch bags plus a special 32oz. party size available at Costco.

Anne Ink created the product line brand identity from logo and packaging to website, flyers, sales materials, signage and promotions. The Medley line was a natural extension, designed to build upon the established brand identity and popularity of Castachio Nuts. As the Castachio Nuts product line gained in popularity the flavor profiles were developed in conjunction with customer feedback, industry trends and emerging market flavor preferences.

Germack Pistachio Branding and Packaging Castachio Nuts logo
Germack Pistachio branding and packaging Castachio Nuts pouch bags
Germack branding and packaging goodness medley line - pouch bags and logo


This product line introduced re-sealable zip-lock pouch style packaging to Germack. Our research proved instrumental in procuring the packaging machinery used to bring this product line to market. We were one of the first agencies to employ award-winning branding and packaging that features larger-than-life product images on packaging. This is a perfect example of how innovation in packaging and emerging trends merge with traditional products and processes to propel a company to success.