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Branding and packaging design in Detroit, Michigan since 1994. Anne Ink, where positioning, strategic marketing, and digital communications merge to create great results for your brand's identity.

Communication is at the core of Anne Ink. Through communication, people will say: "I hear your words, I see your identity, I feel your presence, and I understand your why." Communication explains the reason to care, how to contribute and become closer to your brand. Anne Ink is the method to promote your message. Come explore the inner reaches of my world where relationships blossom as we build your future.

Experience the excitement of Anne Ink, where MBA brains and ultra creativity reign supreme. Our success stories will boggle your mind and compel you to merge and adjust, ultimately becoming part of the intricate fabric of our design. More than just branding and packaging design, Anne Ink elevates all aspects of your messaging, vision and marketing efforts to effectively communicate and engage your target audience.

How we stand out and are distinguished by our features is at the forefront of strategic positioning, developing your corporate strategy to connect with customers. Understanding the many shades of your shine and how to make them sparkle is what makes us different. Let us polish your brand like glass to make it pop.

Identity is how we wish to be perceived by others. This is not the same as how others see us. Merging the two is how Anne Ink creates a union of perception with reality. Action is the means to create, the way to discover the solution. Let Anne Ink show you how your identity can direct brand creative to yield amazing results.

Your philosophy is the structure upon which to build your corporate strategy. To find one's way, one must first know the destination and the most direct path. Using lean operations as your business philosophy creates a dynamic environment. The ability to recognize and accurately define trends and new information channels allows for the ability to apply this knowledge to enhance your success.

Connecting to customers with media interaction drives results. Media is social by nature. Media demands attention, enhances interaction, and encourages brand identity to become part of your customers experiences. Let Anne Ink leverage today's ever-expanding world of social touch points in ways that connect customers with your brand for maximum impact.

Expanding presence to perpetuate brand awareness. Presence is how you define who you are – your aims, goals, and ultimate direction. By allowing the inner forces of determination to correct action, grand results are achieved. Purpose is the mindset that helps you to break free from the boundaries of biases and preconceived ideas to propel your brand to the forefront of the world.


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