Environmental Sustainability Graphics for Healey Fire Protection Symposium Event

Healey Fire Protection Sustainability Event Design - Program and Invitation

Anne Ink created Healey Fire Protection sustainability event design for for environmental sustainability Earth day symposium. Anne Ink designed the invitation and program for the event.

The environmental sustainability graphics for Healey Fire Protection symposium event design embrace clean approaches to business for a greener environment. The Earth Day symposium graphics consist of the pocket folder, dynamic interactive CD, event program and event invitation.

The sustainability event graphic design choices perfectly illustrates how Healey Fire Protection and Anne Ink embrace greener approaches to doing business. The large visual globe depicting Earth is the main focus. This reinforces the importance of protecting the environment as caretakers of the planet. This sustainability event showcased Healey Fire Protection's corporate responsibility and leading-edge green technology of clean agent fluids instead of harsh chemicals.

Environmental Sustainability Graphics for Healey Fire Protection Symposium Event - pocket folder, CD invitation and event program


Anne Ink combined imagery of the Earth and green leaves to reinforce the symposium message and purpose. The event was well received and helped promote Healey's responsibility to lessen their environmental impact. The visuals graphic appeal brings direct recognition of the event subject, the keen interest in taking an active role in protecting the environment from harsh chemicals, and green business operations. Healey Fire Protection embraces all these virtues to direct current and future corporate growth. By utilizing this opportunity to educate and engage current customers, Healey projects a corporate image that truly aligns public and private personas.