Pelle Pelle Advertsing and Promotions
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Advertisng and Promotion Design Deliver Results for Pelle Pelle

Anne Ink advertising and promotion design for Pelle Pelle contests, trade shows and large format print graphics that raise brand awareness.

Print advertising and promotions are some of the most impactful ways to elevate your brand. The Pelle Pelle and Mark Buchanan brands are linked to iconic Detroit style, rich leather goods, and timeless fashion. Anne Ink designed advertising and promotions for contests, trade shows and large format print graphics for both brands. Whether it is street style or high fashion, quality magazine advertising and print materials deliver results.

Anne Ink started with stellar photography. We then artfully retouched images to work in a myriad of formats, from magazines to billboards. The image above was originally photographed with the model as the top of a  staircase. Retouching transformed the artwork for magazine advertising layouts. A poster features further enhancements. Retouching the entire staircase out of the image results in a 63-foot-wide banner for the "Magic" trade show in Las Vegas.

The "Magic" event in Las Vegas is a fashion industry trade show where booth artwork for Pelle Pelle stretched to 63 feet wide. Eye-catching advertising and promotions helped Pelle Pelle stand out in the fashion industry. Directing attention and marketing efforts to the target audience increases brand awareness.

Pelle Pelle advertising promotion efforts connect with Hollywood with a contest promotion to win a leather jacket. The limited edition jacket is full length, just like the one worn by Westley Snipes in Blade 2. The Blade 2 contest promotion poster features Anne Ink's unique touch, enhancing the Hollywood artwork. Expert retouching created an element of excitement which reinforces the dynamic nature of the film.

Pelle Pelle media and magazine advertising
Pelle Pelle promotion Magic trades show large format graphics
Pelle Pelle Blade 2 contest promotion graphic poster


By understanding the client, core audience, and the industry as it evolved during this period, Anne Ink was able to coordinate efforts to create a cohesive messaging across a variety of platforms, media, interactions, and customer touch points. Pelle Pelle's level of brand awareness and customer loyalty escalated with well-aimed and positioned advertising and promotions.