NuVue sandwich for brand identity promotion
NuVue Foods logo designed by Anne Ink

Logo Design Brand Identity for NuVue Foods

Logo design brand identity takes your image to new heights and connects to your target audience. Anne Ink's mission to rebrand a Detroit deli icon includes corporate logo to brand identities for targeted audiences.

To successfully promote the product lines, Anne Ink uses a proven method. The process is first defining the target audience for a specific flavor profile, and then designing a logo that speaks to that demographic group. Corporate logo design is special in that it requires an umbrella approach. Logos that stands the test of time. The Anne Ink design for the NuVue logo accomplishes just that.

Colorful, playful, and distinctive artwork is the essence of this brand. Anne Ink took the brand beyond basic identifiers of fresh and frozen and guided efforts into several target markets. Product lines include Fiesta Bastante, Tapas, and Select varieties.

Fresh is the focus and reinforced with ripe tomatoes and crisp lettuce, Salad background artwork is featured prominently across brand identity pieces, from website to the corporate identity letterhead and business cards. Pocket folder imagery emphasizes the vast menu of available items beyond sandwiches.

Anne Ink created all things visual for this client - create logos, website, corporate ID, billboards, and sales materials from flyers, clings, wobblers, pocket folders, brochures, and labels for the brands.

NuVue brand identity promotion pocket folder and website
Corporate brand identity features logo design
NuVue Foods brand identity logo design, featured logos


Each product line used strategic design elements to appeal to different target audience preferences in order to break into niche markets and increase sales. Through the use of award-winning design, the product logos reinforce specific taste profiles for each line within the NuVue family of products.