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Allied Printing Sustainability Campaign - Think Green

Allied Printing Sustainability Campaign promotes environmentally sustainable printing with Anne Ink design for website, mailers and flyers. Also known as the Think Green campaign, the project takes a layered, informational approach to sustainability and environmentally sound printing practices. Personalized postcards, flyers and digital communications takes the messaging beyond recycling.

Being green takes on new meaning with Allied and Anne Ink. The mindset of being caretakers of the environment is key to Allied's successful campaigns that endeavor to find new and sustainable ways to engage with customers to fulfill this mission. The substantial impact of the campaign brought awareness of the program to current clients and helped provide a winning strategy to highlight Allied's philosophy and commitment.

Allied Printing Sustainability Campaign flyer, website, and brochure


With this campaign, sustainability and corporate responsibility was promoted by emphasizing green printing practices and reforestation efforts. Anne Ink utilized augmented reality to let the viewer watch a tree grow before their very eyes and utilized bright, sunny visuals that reinforced the program's purpose.

Immersive visuals help reinforce and immediately identify the subject. Repeating aspects of nature, which include the close-up image of the green leaf and tall trees, focus the messaging.

Personalization creates a touch point and connection to the messaging. Being environmentally conscious and active in doing out part may seem like lofty goals. Every day offers opportunity. With each measured step we take, collectively and independently, positive actions add up that yield results that impact our world.