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Parnevu T-Tree Styling Products

Client: Parnevu T-Tree / Murray's Worldwide
Project: Design T-Tree styling aides to fit within existing product line.
T-Tree leaf photography, gold striping on the aerosol can, and arched curve is seen on both
the Oil Sheen and the Medicated Braid Spray. The glosser featured a reverse print to show the leaves
through the container and clear product.

Countertop display unit has die cut curved top edges and around the signature T-Tree model's hair.
The artwork follows the color scheme and leaf photo theme. The products nestle into die-cut shapes
for a snug fit to the bottom of each product and are clearly indicated for both customer and
store employees for restocking.

Components: T-Tree Oil Sheen metal aerosol can, T-Tree Braid Spray with pump spritzer,
T-Tree Glosser in clear plastic. Countertop display is printed board construction, with die-cut header
and separate insert for product containers to sit into.

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