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Castachio Nuts - Michigan Brand Marketing Featured Success Story

Client: Germack Pistachio Company / Power Nuts
Project: Create brand identity for Castachio Nuts. We developed the logo, color pallet and the tagline
"Savor the Flavor" was chosen to compliment the photography of cascading cashews and pistachio nuts.

Positioning Results: Castachio Nuts were introduced in May 2009 at the All Candy Expo in Chicago.
Castachio Nuts proved so popular, that 2 new flavors were added - Cajun Chili Pepper and Zesty Salt & Pepper. Below is the product line flyer used at the 2010 expo to draw buyers to the Germack booth. In 2014, the product designwas updated and an additional flavor Sweet & Spicy was added to the 3oz re-sealable pouch format, which replaced the 6oz pouch and 3.5 pillow style packaging.

This is the first stand-up zippered pouch style package for Germack, and the combination of attractive consumer packaging, friendly cost-point and health benefits have created a extremely positive response.
We also developed animation for the Germack home page, a special descriptive page and the website for Power Nuts to gain expanded distributorships.

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