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NuVue Foods Corporate Logo

Client: NuVue Foods (formerly 18th Street Deli)

Project: Brand NuVue Foods to distinguish the corporate identity from the specific product lines, including the 18th Street Deli sandwich lines.

Positioning: The logo is integral to the corporate identity, website, printed and promotional materials.

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Cranbrook Annual Fund Logo

Client: Cranbrook Educational Community (CEC)
Project: Brand the AFA (Annual Fund Appeal) with a logo
and theme (tagline).

Positioning: The logo was featured in the AFA campaign
for the 2008-09 fiscal year.

Castachio Nuts Logo

Client: Germack Pistachio Company / Power Nuts
Project: Brand the Castachio Nuts product from logo to tagline carried through to websites and printed materials.

Positioning: The logo is integral to the Castachio Nuts package, website, promotional materials, and corporate identity.

MICHIGAN BRAND MARKETING - featured success story

Murrays Worldwide Logo

Client: Murray's Worldwide
Project: Update logo to simulate 3-D effect

Positioning: The logo is used in the website header artwork,
signature is used on corporate materials and the
Conditioner product line. View the Murray's Beeswax line.

Four Star Greenhouse Logo

Client: Four Star Greenhouse
Project: Update logo with new type font, keeping flower
blooms /colors, and square format of original.

Positioning: The logo is used in all printed materials
and on their website (maintained by Four Star).

Learning Solutions Logo (circa 1996)

Client: Learning Solutions Consulting Group LLC
Project: Create brand identity for charter school consulting group

Positioning: The logo is incorporated into the website,
media kit, and the magazine (first edition).

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