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Andrew Brucker
Photographer -NY

Douglas Healey
Photojournalist - CT

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People - On Location | Posed | Natural

Client: S.W.A.N. - (Southwest Artists Network of Detroit)
Project: Editorial photos of Bench Dedication Event, Nov.1, 2008.

Use: Archival (future use TBD)

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Nature - Products | Environments

Client: Four Star Greenhouse
Project: 2006-2007 Plants and Programs Catalog

Use: One of over 80 hanging baskets to be photographed and
outlined for use in both the printed catalog and interactive CD.

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Places - Environments | On Location

Client: Matt Prentice Restaurant Group
Project: Photograph newly re-designed interior of Morels venue.

Use: Potential for Fine Summer Dining postcard coupon

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Things - Products | Food

Client: Germack Pistachio Company
Project: Photograph product serving suggestion in a natural
outdoor environment for website use.

Use: Germack home page artwork for summer 2008

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Things - Products | Packaging

Client: Murray's Worldwide
Project: Photograph products for use in printed materials sell sheet and advertising.

Use: Product line sell-sheet

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Things - Products | Tabletop

Client: Cranbrook Educational Community
Project: Photograph reproduction of original Archer statue,
commissioned by Cranbrook 1968 graduating seniors and
designed by Peter Kerr, sculptor and then Chairman of the
Art Department.

Use: Outlined, retouched, and converted to black and white for
winter 2008 Alumni newsletter for Office of Alumni Relations
and ad for Kingswood Giftorama

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Retouching - Converting to Black and White | Color Correcting

Client: Mercy High School
Project: Take candid photos during half-day photoshoot.

Use: Annual report section of Mercy Mosaic Magazine, Fall 2008

Retouching - Photo Enhancing

Client: English Gardens
Project: Photograph and outline Christmas trees and
enhance lights on pre-lit trees - 15 total in a 2-day turnaround.

Use: Holiday hot sheets (circulars in weekend newspapers),
in-store posters, flyers and online store

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Stock Photography - Making it Unique

Client: English Gardens
Project: Create art from photo taken at West Bloomfield store
location, retouched with stock frame and supplied flower photo.

Use: Invitation for Forgotten Harvest fundraiser at English Gardens

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